Table set

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Customize your placemats with your own designs and drawings or with your brand's colors and patterns!
Quality fabric and printing, for sustainable and eco-responsible products.


Table set

The fabrics are printed before the finished product is made, which allows for durable printing and complete customization of the finished product.

We design custom products, so the sizes, formats and patterns are unlimited!

We can make them double-sided or single-sided.

Possible finishes:
Piping/Biasing/ Hemming/ Corner cap hem/ Stitching + topstitching*/ Lined or unlined.

Any size of piping/bias/curling etc. are possible.
*Stitched on the reverse side, then turned inside out, then closed with a hand stitch, for a seamless result.

Example of products already made:

-Table set corner cap 35X45cm
-Placemat 38X48cm piping finish
- Table set 45x55cm


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